Hi everyone! My name’s Gillian

I am in love with Clean Eating. I 100% love the lifestyle, the way it makes me feel and look. It changed my life completely.

When I was 18 years old and in my senior year of High School I used to be quite chubby. Being in my late teens I felt that I needed to change how I look. Thats when I decided to worked out day in and day out and counted every meal and their calories every single day. Yes, I did lose weight, 10kg in 2 years to be exact. I finally looked the way I wanted to… but I felt worse than when I started. Then I thought to myself, “is this how I want to live my life? looking the way I wanted to, but feeling terrible all day?”.

I struggled for a year bouncing up and down on the scale, I would gain weight from binge eating from all my cravings. Then I would put myself through a very very unhealthy diet plan to shed the weight I just gained. The cycle continued and the effects became worse and worse. I was lathargic in the mornings and I would slump through my day. This couldn’t be the only way to look good, right?

Then I researched online, read many books and talked to those I knew about how I’ve been feeling. Everything told me, if you want to keep the weight off you have to diet – there was no way around it. If you want to be slim and skinny you have to sacrifice, thats just the way it is! Which is horrible!

One day I had a discussion with my doctor and what she told me changed my whole outlook on being skinny. She said, “are you only trying to look better? or do you want to feel better?”. Then it hit me, to feel better you have to eat healthier not just less. That’s when I decided to start eating CLEAN and followed what is called the 80/20 rule. The wonderful thing about Clean eating is that it’s not a diet you follow. It’s a lifestyle you grow into. I know that the lifestyle saying is everywhere but some cliches are absolutely true!

All I had to do is eat whole foods. Foods that are unprocessed and full of their nutrients. I started to cook healthier recipes and learn how to look out for all those dangerous ingredients when buying groceries. I had to learn everything all over again before I could really get into the groove. Let me tell you, you feel the effects immediately. I started feeling more energetic, less moody and I honestly felt great. And the best part is that I am still able to eat my favorite (unhealthy) foods but only once in a while.

That’s where the 80/20 rule comes in. See 80% of the time you eat clean and the other 20% well you can eat whatever you want. Honestly though, after living a clean eating lifestyle you don’t crave bad foods as much. Especially comparing to when I was on a strict diet. I’ve come to a point where I don’t crave but just choose to eat those foods. Whether it be while I am traveling, at a friends birthday or just trying out a new restaurant. I ate because I chose to and not because my body was craving it.

It took me over a year to properly eat clean, confidently cook at home and know about all the ins and outs of how to live a healthier lifestyle. Here I can share with you all that I have learnt and my favorite recipes on Clean Eating. I am still constantly learning about clean eating and I would love to hear from you too! I hope that you will fall in love with clean eating like I have.

If you want a quick guide to start eating clean, visit my getting started page here or check out my recipes here.

-Ms. Clean Eats