Getting Started

How can you get started?

Understand what processed foods are

When you understand what processed foods are, you will also then understand the harmful chemicals used in it. These chemicals are harmful to our body. Knowing this information will help you make better choices with what you feed yourself. Also, it will also help you differentiate what’s good and what’s bad.

Clean out your kitchen

Let’s check out whats in your kitchen! Once you understand what processed foods are and what foods are considered clean or not, we can start cleaning out your kitchen.

Start with the fridge

Make sure everything in your fridge is fresh and unprocessed. Throw out any signs of temptation. Trust me this will help out in the long run. Remember the saying “Out of sight, out of mind.”? Well, this plays a major role in temptation. You spot Bacon? Throw it out! Bacon is ridiculously high in sodium and other additives. Ice-cream, Pastramis, Sodas, processed meats, store bought frozen chicken nuggets? Out they go!! Yes, this sounds insane but trust me, this step is crucial. Once you’re done with your fridge, it’s time to move on to your cabinets and counters. This is when it gets heavy. But stay strong, you are almost there. Chocolates, Chips, Candy, Cereals with excess sugars, Butter, Margarin, Sugar etc. All out. Don’t you worry we’ll replace them later on.

Self Motivation

Write down your goals and put in up on your mirror or somewhere you will see every single day. It would be perfect if you can get your friends and family to support and motivate you everyday. But honestly, not everyone is going to see eye to eye with you on this. There are going to be people that will make you feel discourage and down so this is where self motivation will keep you going strong! Write it down everywhere! Put a post it on your mirror, set a daily reminder on your phone to motivate yourself, or even make your goals your phone wallpaper. That’s right, the only way to succeed is if you’re serious about it. I recommend making 3 goals on why you want to start living better.

Plan your meals ahead of time (to minimize the chance of straying)

Planning your meals ahead of time will definitely help you from straying into temptation. Also, for those with a busy schedule, planning your meals will help you avoid reaching out to unhealthy fast food during lunch time. A tip is to always have a healthy snack ready with you in your bag. That way whenever you’re hungry or craving something you can always rely on it to help you satisfy your craving. Read more on meal planning here.

Hit the supermarket and start shopping for your weekly meals

Once you are done with planning your meals, it’s time to hit the supermarket and start shopping. This is when you can restock your fridge with the right foods. Also, to get started buy some whole grains for meals with substance. I recommend shopping weekly to stock up on your fridge. More on how I do my weekly shopping here.

Eat every 3h or so

(small meals to keep the metabolism running)
This is one of the hardest for some people to follow as they feel it’s time consuming. But honestly, if you do follow the steps and plan your meals in advance, it really is simple. Eat a filling breakfast, have a mid morning snack, have lunch, have a mid day snack then dinner. This is how I eat in a day. And if I’m still hungry after dinner, I’ll eat a high protein snack before bed.

Never be hungry and never be too full

The rule to a good metabolism? NEVER starve yourself. Being too hungry or too full is a bad thing. Most times, we over eat because we’re simply eating too fast. Pace yourself and eat slowly. Chewing your foods properly will also aid better digestion. Sometimes, we tend to forget to drink enough water. Which will then lead to unnecessary eating. Our bodies tend to get thirsty and we sometimes mistake it for hunger. So hydrating yourself properly is a definite must.

Listen to your body